Date: 2013-10-25

Carving and painting: luxury and comfort for your home

This material will meet you with Stefan Doychinov and in particular the specifics of his work. Anyone interested in some way of art must have heard of his carvings or paintings. Moreover, only a small number of people in Samokov do woodcarving. Stefan Doychinov finishes his higher education at the University of Forestry and begins his creative activity about 30 years ago with carving and a little later with painting too. As a successor of the Samokov art school he starts to design and manufacture unique carvings for interior design of private homes, restaurants, hotels, hunting lodges. His first attempts at carving are quite serious, given that he engages with the most labor-intensive and a major part in this field, namely carved ceilings. He made the first one in his home and says that it gives warmth and personality to it. Wood carving is an expensive pleasure and is mainly for connoisseurs and people whose homes are designed in a similar style . I am inspirated by and I learn from our compositions of the Renaissance ceilings located in Samokov, Tryavna, Plovdiv. "All my attention is always focused on the overall design of the woodcarved ceilings. I think the wood-carved compositions that combine a variety of floral elements create a unique luxury and comfort of the home. The carved sun-shaped rosettas and the icons also contribute to a unique interior", says Doychinov. In fact, the making of such a ceiling is quite difficult and it takes about eight months working time. Starting with drawing, design, sizing and selection of the right material - wild cherry and walnut are the master's favourites. "On each ceiling I place a unique wooden chandelier designed by me. This makes the overall composition complete. In everything I produce, contribute my own view, it is not just copying. I also make trophies and richly carved frames for paintings and tapestries", says Stefan Doychinov. As a next step in his development the artist starts painting. The main reason why he directs his work in this field is because he is impressed by the beautiful mountain sceneries and wants to replicate them on canvas. "I love sports and mountain tourism and it makes me want to reproduce these magical mountain sceneries of the Rila, the Pirin, the Alps and the Himalayas in painting. There is no greater artist than nature. In my every painting I try to have both internal dynamics and powerful psychologism", says Doychinov. Things are complex and complement each other. When a picture is beautiful, the frame serves to outline and make it even more attractive. So everything falls into place. Stefan Doychinov strives to achieve perfection and completion in everything he does with his hands and imagination. His house is open to any connoisseur willing to see his unique carvings and paintings.